More Writing Guides

Here’s another writing guide, this time on sentence structure, and how the same information can be encoded in a written sentence in a variety of ways:

I love that making these videos is so easy, and that the same lesson can be taught to a kid again and again, with none of the frustration on my part and all of the learning on the kid. When the kid “gets it” — she won’t have to watch the video any more; it will have served its purpose.  But it will be there for the next generation of student, whenever that student comes along.

Part of me worries.  If it’s this easy to create digital content that’s educational, and short, and directed, and specific — what will teachers do in the future?  Make content, for certain, and probably more than they do now.  Evaluate specific assignments? Yes, that too, and probably more than they do now.  But for all that, I don’t know any teachers who got into this business of teaching because they wanted to make worksheets and grade papers.

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