We Stand Condemned

Today is the anniversary of Krystallnacht, 71 years ago today.

German Nazis burned synagogues, smashed shops windows and properties belonging to Jews, and systematically an entire minority in their country.

We say “never again.”

But the truth is, we are letting it happen again. Here in the United States. Right now.

We won’t let an entire class of about 10% of the American population serve in the armed forces.  We won’t let them marry legally.  We allow their families to turn against them.  We allow derogatory things to be said about them in schools.

Twenty years ago, we got the freedom our presidents asked for, for East Berlin.

So… If you’re a gay reader of this blog, or even if you’re not a gay reader but you know someone who is, please tell me, the clueless straight guy:  How can I help you win your legitimate civil rights — to marry, to serve in the armed forces, to live in peace and without persecution?  What can I do to help?

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  1. you can help by speaking up as often as possible – using your voice both online and off to share this idea with colleagues and others who find their way to your blog. like Harvey Milk said, we’ve got to come out, everyone, including our allies. if every gay person in the world can get just one more person on our side of the fight, we’ll have an even bigger chance of winning equality. thanks for your awesome blog, and your support.

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