Evolution Rap

I won’t be doing evolution until spring term with my revised curriculum.

But I need a placeholder in the meantime for this video:

Figuring how to teach evolution, and to what degree, is a challenge for me every year. Some parent objects to how I teach it; the science is in flux and my book is out of date; I’m constantly refining my thinking about the process and understanding it more clearly; while my students are usually starting at square zero.

But absolutely it should be taught.  I think I’ll use this video later this year, sometime around March.

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  1. Are you teaching evolution in science class or in the curriculum of another subject area?
    I used to have such interesting discussions with my 20th century history students when we looked at the Scopes Monkey Trial and the great debates, misunderstandings and media attention surrounding that court case. Looking at the speeches of William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow are fascinating -especially because what Bryan most feared seemed to be “social darwinism”.
    Here’s a great PBS resource:

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