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School’s out for a little while at least. Today I’ve got a lot of errands that I didn’t get to during the storm yesterday, and I’ve also got to do some clean-up around the apartment. What with the end of school, I made an effort to get the place ship-shape so I could leave yesterday; but now the place is messy again because I was here. Funny how that works.

Watching Clio play in the snow last night and this morning was really funny. The snow is as deep as her legs are long. She was bounding around for all of about twenty minutes before her master got cold and wanted to come in; but then an hour later she’d want to go out again, and I’d let her. Then bounce, bounce, bounce, another twenty minutes or so, and then back inside.

The new version of Journler got rid of support for blogging, except blogging to iWeb, which is not so useful. I’m going to have to see 1) if I can reverse to the last version, or 2) find some other client software for keeping a journal. This is not so good, I think. I may have to think about giving up on this program, actually. But then, how do I export my journal to a format that I can continue to read and look at?

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