Accomplishments on Snow Days

Today, we would have had a snow day if it were not the last day of school. As a result, we had school, but only two classes. Because we had only two classes, I was able to get some things done:

• Call government officials, warning them my school is sending kids to DC.
• Arrange their transportation
• Arrange entertainment for their visit (x3)
• mail a few semi-official letters
• e-mail a bunch of people
• sign off on a couple of contracts
• deposit a check
• buy some X-mas presents
• get Clio out to pee
• calculate and turn in grades

I also made it to the bank, to the bookstore, and to the dry cleaners. Unfortunately for me, two of them were closed. Only the bank was able to help me today. I also got most of my kids out of the dorm and on their way home before the storm hit. All in all, it was a progressful day, I guess.

I am actually sort of glad I’m not driving to my parents’ house in this weather today, though. Because the kids on dorm were so rambunctious last night, I wasn’t able to go to sleep until about 3:30 am, and then I slept only fitfully on the living room couch instead of in my own bed. One of the kids was worried about being pranked in the middle of the night, and hoped that I’d be available to defend him against the event. It made sense to do so, so I did. Even so I’m rather tired today. Especially after getting so much other stuff done.

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