At Home & Visiting

I had a draft here, but I chose to lose it.

I’ve been staying with my parents the last several days; tomorrow I head home. was here for a few days, enjoying their company and mine, and I was grateful to have her here. She’s home now, and pondering what to do with the cat who won’t stop piddling on other people’s stuff. Mom calls it the animal’s most unforgivable sin, dribbling deliberately. She makes a rough exception for Clio, but her patience is wearing thin on that front. I see her counting the hours until Clio is gone and she can really mop the floors.

I’m going home to a clean house, but I’m bringing a dog with me. Clio still pees: she’s been dribbling and puddling all over my parents’ kitchen all weekend. It’s dismaying. The vet at Tufts thought it would take up to three or four months before her muscles tightened up to the point that she could control her bladder; instead, she’s peeing whenever she sits. Physiologically, it’s supposed to be impossible for a dog to pee after sitting down… but Clio can. If it were an amusing party trick, I’d be ok with that. As it is, it just gets us uninvited from parties, really.

Spent the day visiting a couple of friends at their place of business. It was good to see them both, in a well-lighted, clean, celebratory working environment. It was different than I expected; it was much better than I expected, and I expected much. Still trying to process that, really. On the surface, it was just another workplace. On another level, it represented such a positive and focused atmosphere, dedicated to its purpose, that I can’t help but ponder their working conditions, and mine. It bears thinking on.

At a colleague’s urging, I’ve set up a Facebook account. I’m not sure that I want to link there to here or here to there, but you can find me easily enough. I’m not desperate enough, or off the deep end enough, to have a MySpace account. In both cases, I’m probably getting on the bandwagon at just the point when it’s planning to jump the shark, but that’s typical of me.

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