Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened, now that the National Intelligence Estimate reports that Iran has not had any nuclear weapons development program since 2003? Why is there Republican blood in the water, and when did the march to war with Iran go so horribly wrong? Why are you so very nearly sweating in front of the press while trying to answer awkward questions, instead of getting to appear presidential to a hand-picked audience?

Let us be sincere. You have mismanaged your relationship with us almost from the start. We took the blame for missing al-Qaeda’s 9/11’s planning. We accepted some restructuring and new oversight as part of your push to curtail civil liberties. We let you cook the books on Iraq. We took a lot of heat for Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. It’s been a difficult, and long, almost-eight years.

But enough is enough. The American military is stretched thinner than anyone can bear without a draft. No one can bearthe thought of a draft for your unpopular and almost-lost war. The profound missteps of your administration and your party have cost the United States dearly in prestige, power, economic capability, and dignity. Plus, we’re in the opening throes of the largest economic crisis in seventy years, and your team has no idea what it is doing. Your aides and allies are riddled through and through with corruption, cronyism, and excess.

Plus, Valerie Plame Wilson sends her regards.

the American intelligence community

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  1. You may have heard that Justin D., one of our former students, has joined the Army and will be shipping out to Iraq in January.

  2. Uhm . .

    It’s a intelligence estimate.
    Lets not place our bets on it yet.
    The one thing you learn is that nothing in intelligence is certain until it happens.
    Also please do review E.O. 12333 and you’ll see why I don’t worry about wire tapping.
    Just some thoughts on that. *shrugs*
    No one is perfect, but the above is definitely not the view of most of the IC.

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