Basketball Scribbles

Basketball Scribbles
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On Saturday night, my big night out consisted of sitting in the school gym for an hour and a half, watching a bunch of kids play basketball and wall soccer. (Wall soccer is a pick-up game, consisting of approximately evenly-matched sides, playing along one wall of a school gymnasium, in the no-man’s-land between the edge of the basketball court and the wall; goals are the opposite walls of the gym.)

I also happened to have eight pages left in a Moleskine sketchbook I’d been working in since 2004, and I was definitely ready to retire this particular book to the upper shelf with the rest of my journals and sketchbooks — fifteen years’ worth of scribblings of various sorts.

So, I did several pages of what I call Energy Scribbles, which are drawings like these. They’re based on specific people, but they’re not identifiable as such. For the most part, they’re just quick sketches to show posture, contraposto, elbows, and maybe the tilt of the head. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

They’re not exactly easy, but they’re “memory drawings”. You pick a target, watch them for several minutes, and then, the moment they do something interesting, you freeze that body shape in your brain, and try to re-create it on paper. It’s difficult, knowing that the freeze-frame is only in your head. You can’t go back to the same person and expect to be able to finish the drawing from what they’re doing now. You can only abandon that particular scribble, and move to the next one.

A selection of them is available on my Flickr account now. Enjoy.

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