Mind/Heart-good, Body-bad

On the one hand, it was a lovely weekend. I got to hang out with my friend Larry most of Sunday, and my lady got me a massage from one of our favorite massage therapists on Saturday night. Friday, of course, we went to Drum and Dance, which was awesome though we had to leave early. We had a totally awesome time.

On the other hand, my body did a pretty good job of sucking for most of the weekend. By Friday night I started having twinges in my left shoulder, and by Sunday it had degenerated into full-blown agony. When I got up this morning, almost an hour and a half early, I had to wrap my shoulder in a couple of heating pads just to move and get to work. Moving up and down stairs today in the hallways was exhausting. It roiled my shoulder pretty badly, and now I’m back in the same kind of pain I had this morning. It’s painful to sit, to stand, to lie down, to get up, to walk, or to drive. I tried to walk to the post office this afternoon; I could barely get to the street, much less cross.

Yes. I do have an appointment with a chiropractor. Unfortunately it’s tomorrow. In the meantime I’m dosed with ibuprofen and heat pads.

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  1. Try soaking in a tub with epsom salts. There’s also this great wintergreen-smelling epsom salt gel that you can slather and wrap and sleep in, they have it at CVS.
    Feel better!

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