Biofuel ‘producer’ threatened with taxes

Thanks to , I read this story about the Wetzels, who live in Decatur, IL. Apparently, their Volkswagen 1986 Golf, converted to run on a combination of used vegetable oil and diesel in parallel with each other, is a violation of the tax code.

The Illinois Department of Revenue apparently expects the Wetzels to register as fuel producers as well as fuel receivers because he uses biofuel. AND he’s expected to pay back taxes from the last five years. He owes $244.24, but he’s expected to put up a bond of $2500.00, which will cover his production for the next 51 years at the rate of about $4 a month.

I’m all in favor of paying taxes. But the man is burning a locally produced fuel, which is considered waste by other businesses, and he’s certainly not selling it to others or engaging in fuel-profiteering, as some other companies we could name but won’t, might be doing.

I’m going to lie down now. Shoulder is ugly.

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