Ides of March Sonnet

Woodlands awaken libertine senses:
Sap springs upward in beech and berry-bush.
Clear water replaces lingering slush.
Chipmunk abandons winter defenses,
and turkey finds gaps in farmers’ fences.
Skunk cabbage rises, green heads in the marsh,
spreading to sunlight though wind remains harsh.
Rabbits and chickens renew their menses,
and sun rises earlier every day,
enlightening the east with salmon glow,
to furrow middle portions of his field.
Now is the hour for casting away,
releasing what is dead, and letting go.
That which remains shall be renewed and healed.

Because of travel and time with my family, I was unable to access the Internet to send this and other poems for several days. Please accept my apologies for the late delivery.

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