Full Moon Sonnet for March

Hail, Lady Moon, reflected in dark lake,
keeping company with Dioscuri,
who bid sleeping , dreaming earth to awake.
Wind stirs up waters with sudden fury,
and daffodils break out through black soil.
New wrens begin chirping before false dawn,
and robins work at their morning’s toil,
to find and uproot each worm in the lawn.
Few leaves yet grace bare branches overhead,
but aster and mint push up through dry leaves.
Thus life draws comfort and shelter from dead,
moving and changing even as it grieves.
Birds sing hymns at the time of your setting,
chanting praises of winter’s forgetting.

Because of travel and time with my family, I was unable to access the Internet to send this and other poems for several days. Please accept my apologies for the late delivery.

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