Parents’ Weekend was hard…

and now it’s over. Thank the Gods. Spent a large part of Saturday afternoon crashed on the couch, sleeping it off. talked me into a dinner at the Courthouse and a couple of rented movies, but we were in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 9:32. There was a thought we might go to ‘s goth wine-and-cheese birthday party, but frankly I wasn’t it much shape to go anywhere.Happy birthday, Ch! Ironically, the diet I’ve been on is now sufficiently successful that I could have fit into some of the clothes I could have worn to the party. Oh well.

Yesterday was a little more active, with laze-around time until one in the afternoon or so, when we went to the co-op and I filled up on some necessities and luxuries — like umeboshi paste, and soap. We stopped by ‘s house afterward to do some yardwork, and I got to play with a chainsaw for the first time. Woohoo! Cut up some larger sticks so they fit in the house’s stove.

C is buying four and a half cords of wood. Four and a half cords is a lot of wood, but it’s intended for the fire circles at her house and the sweat lodges and all the gatherings that we do — as well as heating the house in winter. Since I’m planning on being in the house for at least some of the time, and attending the fire circles, and maybe a lodge or two if she/we can get co-ed lodges going, I’m thinking I should make a contribution to the cost of the wood. The cost for the wood is about $800, and she’s got $300 in hand for the wood right now. To pay for the wood she actually needs (for heating the cottage) will cost her another $125 on top of the money she already has… so I guess I need to scrounge up some cash, if I’m going to be living in that house for some time this winter.

In theory, Ben and I are going out to breakfast this morning; H and CE may come with us if we can get our act together and wait until 10am.

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