Parents’ Weekend…

Over… sorta.

I’m constantly surprised by the degree to which I praise the kids, focusing on their overall development, their overall grace and ability (given their age level and other mitigating factors) and their raw potential, and the degree to which parents can be suspicious of praise. I am also mindful of colleagues who spoke of difficulties with the same students, and whose doubts and fears cast worry on my work. And I’m aware of how much help I failed to give students. How much there is yet to do. How much I left undone. Someone called me a saint today, and all I can see are the sins.

Guess I’m not over that whole Christian guilt thing, yet.

Time for bed… faceplant in five, four, three, two…

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  1. Don’t fret!


    It is possible — in fact, it is indeed probable — that you are simply a better teacher than those folks around you. We all have different experiences with students; that you are able to deal successfully with student who your colleagues find troublesome speaks only to your facility as an educator. You are a great guy.


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