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Went to see Prisoner of Azkhaban last night. Had a good time with and and Samantha. Always a good time hanging out with them. The movie is good. I didn’t mind any of the problems with continuity with the earier film. At the very least, one could argue that a place like Hogwarts is always changing itself, shaping its reality to the needs of its students. I also liked the fact that Harry and friends now dress as though they’re modern kids at a genuine boarding school, with shirts slightly untucked, ties akimbo, and little touches here and there which show that they’re aware of what they can get away with. As first and second years, they stuck pretty clearly within the requirements of “ties, jackets and robes” all the time; now they know what they can look like as senior underclassmen. It was especially nice to see Sorceror’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets just before. It made me feel the continuity enormously: even as the building changed around the characters, they became more truly themselves. I also liked the fact that Neville Longbottom is becoming more of a genuine person. He was comic in the first movie, pathetic in the second, and genial in the third. I’m looking forward to seeing who he becomes.

Got home about 11:30p or so, and pretty much climbed right into bed. Slept until 6:00a, fed the cat, and climbed back into bed. Tossed and turned uncomfortably until 9:00a with the shades drawn, in the dark. I’m tired this morning, but I can’t quite get back to bed. It’s frustrating.

I’m working this morning on memorizing Midas. WIth my storytelling feature next week, I really want to get this one, Arachne and Athena, Oedipus Noir, and Showdown at the Acropolis memorized by Friday. If I can get Cupid and Psyche and Bacchus and the Pirates as well, I will. Among other things, I’m going to have to find and type Showdown which means a long hunt through notebooks from a year ago or more. That’ll be fun.

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