I’m up, I’m up…

I hate being a morning-person. I come in jazzed at 1:00am, so I have to stay up and write for a bit, which means that it’s 2:20am before I’m climbing into bed. Once there, I fall asleep instantly (and start snoring, or so say all the bed partners I’ve ever had). The first starling chittering outside my window at quarter to 5:00am, and my body comes alert — fifteen minutes after 5:00am, and I’m awake. The cat starts meowing for food at 5:15am, and by 6:00am the meowing has become unbearable. I get up, change his water, fill his food bowl, and by that point I’m awake — no chance of going back to sleep now. I put on some clothes, do t’ai chi in the wet grass, wander around the house, and yawn a good deal. But I’m awake.

Heading north of Boston today to meet up with and . They’re holding a marathon Harry Potter-watching session beginning at noon. I’m looking forward to it.

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