CD Preparation…

So… it looks like Friday, my Storytelling feature at the Village Arts Center, will also be the party for my CD release…

With a great deal of trouble (ok, actually not so much), I figured out this morning how to print liner notes for my CD using iTunes. I don’t have much control over stuff like fonts, or what additional information prints, but if I use glossy paper for the insert book, it looks great. I’m going to use one of Bob’s photos for the CD, and the image made of me, the wizarding bear, and my horoscope chart, and some slides from PowerPoint, and some photos my friend in England took in Scotland and in Bangkok. So it’ll all be OK, and then I’ll have a CD on Friday.

I’ll need to figure out if I’m also going to do refreshments and suchlike for the reading. Probably I should get some stuff… , does that seem like a good idea, or is it a no-food-or-drink sort of place? I could bring in my coffee maker, some coffee, and cream…?

I also have to figure out if I’m going to do CD labels, or just liner notes in the jewel cases. Wow, this week has suddenly got busy… I have many more poems to memorize, two new ones to finish, and the CD to copy and the liner notes to print, and another visit to Staples for more glossy paper for liner notes, and….

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