The First Mecha Rampage

Man goes on rampage in armored bulldozer and destroys numerous town buildings, avenging city officials’ mistreatment of him and his business over the last several years. Among destroyed structures are the town hall, a cement plant, and other buildings.

As my friend says, the first of a likely large number of low-level, low-powered mecha-thugs. It’s the beginning of giant robots fighting in the streets, friends… and the guys at the control will be people like this fellow. Ain’t it grand?

While we’re on the subject of links, I want a black leather Utilikilt. I think I would rock people’s worlds in this. I have a regular utilikilt (3 in fact!), and I’d like a black Workman’s Utilikilt as well, after seeing one tonight but the more I see this leather one, the more I want it. Alas, not likely any time soon. I can’t even afford the regular model, much less the leather one, right now.

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