‘s roommate warned her to warn me that ManRay in Boston was having a special theme night, and it might not be so good. Foolish mortals we, to ignore the warning of a sexy fetish model about the state of Boston’s only fetish/goth/industrial club. Alas! The relaxed dress code put a guy in a blue Colorado t-shirt and nearly-white blue jeans and sneakers next to a woman in a pink vinyl dress. It was scary and disturbing.

As always, though, hanging out with and was enjoyable. I wish we could figure out more ways to spend more time together. They rock. In theory, and I will have lunch sometime next week. Should be fun.

Before going to ManRay, ran into Iron Byron III, , Alex, Giggles and some other folks from the Worcester Youth Slam. Sorry not to make it this week, I’ve put you on the schedule for next week, unless the price of gas rises over $3.00 Let’s hope it doesn’t jump 80 cents in a week, because that would mean something really sucky had happened.

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