Drum and Dance, Amherst

Drum and Dance — Amherst — was as usual, AWESOME. It’s really a great crowd and a gloriously talented group of drummers and dancers, and because it’s out in the country, it feels friendly. New people are very much welcomed and taken in, and the energy is superb. This isn’t to say Drum and Dance Cambridge is bad — it’s not — or that it’s not friendly, because it is. It’s just to say that the energy at D&D Amherst is much more alternative and spiritual.

Leah is hurting this morning. The rhythms were so kicking and juicy that she just had to dance even though she didn’t want to. So her hips are really bothering her this morning, and she’s a little tuckered out. Me, I’m tired but good. I’ve been racing and raring to go for a while, and it was good to see the whole crowd out in the Pioneer Valley. I haven’t hung with them in ages.

Craig almost came home with us, but I asked him to bow out at the last minute. Leah and I were both exhausted, and we needed some alone time. We’re both doing better this morning. We were going to go to Bob’s party, but I think we’ll have to take a rain check. Neither of us is up to being around a crowd.

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