Sun in Libra III — Nemesis

On October 13, 2022, at 4:50 am, the Sun enters the third decan of Libra, the portion of the sky ruled by Venus but administered by Jupiter — the 10°-wide sector that Austin Coppock called The Gyroscope.

By descending Chaldean order, this decan belongs to Jupiter as administrator under Venus as ruler. We tend to think of this as a favorable combination — Venus is the ruler of the marketplace that is Libra, and Jupiter is the expander of wealth. But Jupiter is also the expander of inventory — the filler of granaries, the purchaser of cloth, the collector of spices, the receiver of goods. All of the expansion of Jupiter in the marketplace results in the collection of goods in the warehouse or the retail establishment — but not necessarily their sale. Merchandise expands… but perhaps not the coin from the shrinkage of the resources available. The stuff comes in, but it does not necessarily go out — and that’s always a risk in the marketplace; where the first decan administered by the Moon, indicates a healthy balance of waxing and waning; and the second decan administered by Saturn indicates the order and routines indicated by faithful weights, measures, and rulers n the market; the third decan indicates the risks of being only a buyer, and not a seller also: transfixed by beauty, Venus desires it all, and Jupiter in generosity gives it to her.

As the joke goes, a person goes into bankruptcy first slowly, then all at once — seduced by the love of things, they buy it all but sell nothing. A colleague of mine recently said, “I am a lover of [this particular sort of thing], but I don’t have enough money to be a collector of them.” That’s the Venus-and-Moon energy of the first decan; here in the third, it’s much more the attitude of “I am a lover of things, and I will collect them even though I haven’t got the money for them.” This is expansion and love of beauty gone off the rails, without regard for cost.

Perhaps for this reason, the ancient Alexandrians gave this decan to Nemesis as her festival-season: the goddess responsible for destroying the prideful with their own weapons and tools. Nemesis was usually depicted as a youthful goddess in armor with arrows and bow — her task was to destroy those who gave into their hubris. Today we define this as excessive pride or overconfidence, but in the Mediterranean littoral during the Roman imperial period, it meant a belief in one’s own self to such a degree that one could do no wrong. This was a transgression against the gods in ancient pagan theology; it was also the basis of most accusations of sexual assault or theft of public property — a belief in one’s own superiority to the point where you would claim another’s sexual favors against their own will and consent, or steal the property of the state or city for the sake of your own greed. Nemesis was thus the punisher of those who abused both public and private trust.

We see some of this journey or story in the four dodecatemoria of Libra III: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. In Gemini, we meet two characters, who come to the watering hole or the fountain of Cancer, where one of them becomes a ravening lion — a beastly, animalistic predator — and tears the wings from the woman who is lying down.

Planetary Placements

The Ascendant is in Virgo III The Sarcophagus in a night chart, raising the profile of the Moon and Mars, but limiting Venus and Jupiter. Saturn and Mercury share the sky with the Sun below the horizon, and their strength remains relatively secure. The ascendant gives body to the shape of the next ten days, suggesting that old issues will reprise and that long-buried communications will resurface.

The Mutable Signs occupy the Angular Houses, bringing sudden changes and swift, whiplash-like redirections to essential and important matters. Neither the Moon nor Mars is particularly strong in Gemini, although Mars is dignified by term, like a high-ranking officer riding in a parade. Their presence in the tenth house brings a mixture of gut reactions and swift but harsh executive decisions to career decisions and workplace activities — putting reputations on the chopping block. Neptune brings a gaudy and often misplaced enthusiasm to relationship issues, where considered opinions backed up with facts are replaced with hot takes and popular delusions.

The Fixed Signs occupy the Succedent Houses, bringing a mix of initiating gusto and unpleasant impediments into play. Chief among these is the presence of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all in Libra, activating all three of its decans — only Venus is well-placed here, bringing a cost-conscious, high-fashion on a budget into play in our financial matters. It’s a good time to take stock of your inventory, make lists of what you have and what you want to keep, and identify places where your expenses are significantly out of line with your income. Jupiter in Aries I The Double Bladed Axe is dignified by triplicity and term, inviting you to a generous package of perks and responsibilities (if you’ll only come back to the office) — but it’s worth remembering that this may only be a temporary reprieve. Pluto in Capricorn I The Throne offers small entertainments that get way out of hand; or blockbuster parties that wind up fizzling.

The Cardinal Signs occupy the Cadent Houses, indicating that many new initiatives will wind up like pushing rope — outsized efforts leading to little return on investment of energy. The South Node in Scorpio the third house promises some nasty crud coming toward siblings and extended family — you’ll get some internal sense of accomplishment for helping transform it, but don’t count on being thanked too openly. The North Node indicates a desire to get out and about: go on pilgrimage, spend some time in a spa or a writing workshop, some thing that helps you claim autonomy and honor in a mad, mad world — but Uranus in Taurus suggests that unpleasant surprise may lurk around any corner or in a cloud in a hotel hallway or a passenger train aisle. Both the Lot of Fortune and Saturn occupy the middle decan of Aquarius Heaven and Earth: There’s both opportunity and fear lurking in our daily routines and in our efforts to maintain our health; it feels both daunting and dismaying to live in fear of COVID and to go about earning our daily bread. Somehow, we must live in both states — of perfect awareness that the troubles of the last two years are not yet done, and that our future success depends on continuing to act in quotidian, circadian rhythms that are ours alone.

Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Decan I of any sign (usually covering the 21s of the month to the first of the following month) is free to all visitors; Decan II is only available to Patreon and subscribers; and Decan III is available to Patreon, Ko-Fi, and MailChimp subscribers.

However, due to my own writing schedule this month, I’m electing to make Libra III available to a wider audience.

Virgo: Some difficult situations may arise in the workplace; be aware that unprofessional behavior can damage your reputation — but that the mere appearance of unprincipled deportment can do so too; and you are just as likely to be dragged by accusations of amateurism in the next few days. Keep your head and remember that some kinds of insults or patterns of criticism are actionable — just remember that this may resemble a tug-of-war… so don’t let your eagerness to push the last word run faster than your opponents give you the rope.

Libra: Financial matters are likely to take top billing, but remember that you are not what you have in your inventory. Care about dressing well and be pulled together, but buy new on a shoestring: better to have a few good things than have all sorts of stuff that won’t last. A long-distance trip may bring public trouble; check your tire air and car condition before you head out or return. A significant other faces a big problem: your advice should be along the lines of “divide and conquer” or “when eating an elephant, cut it into small bits first.” Staying home from the ball may seem boring, but it’s the only sure way to maintain sovereignty; otherwise you have to dance with the one that brought you.

Scorpio: Responsibilities bring trouble, but missing duty brings worse trouble. You’ll have a surprising balance of risks and opportunities with your sweetie and your rivals, but track those deadlines and stay on top of your obligations on the calendar. If you’ve got a set of routines at home, be aware that there’s a lot of benefit to keeping those structures in place — a life divine emerges from the ordinary and the practical, at least in the next ten days. In professional matters work alone, but focus on communicating beautiful solutions rather than just the most mundane — think about using shadow, too: Leonardo DaVinci did, and look how he turned out.

Sagittarius: You have a chance to turn dreams into reality in the next ten days; just don’t belabor the possibility of success, simply do the wrk well and get it done. Your most important partners get harshly treated or critiqued, so remind them that ’tis merely some people’s current vision, not the reality. Your own professional star is ascending and likely to rise from darkness transformed — don’t let it go to your head. A financial mishap is untangled for you, and friends seek your expertise and counsel as a paid professional.

Capricorn: When Queen Elizabeth II died, her family walked behind the gun carriage bearing her body — but her household staff walked before it, yet again paving the way. You’re making it possible for someone else to get where they want to go; what is your pleasure in this labor? It can’t just be financial incentive (though that’s part of it). It can’t just be the roof you put over your own head and the heads of others, either. No, you have to identify the answers to the following questions, and soon: Am I saving money? Am I learning something? and most of all, the most important… Am I having fun? If you answer two of these three with a No, then prep your resume… if the answer to 3/3 is No, it’s time to start sending that resume to new potential employers.

Aquarius: There’s an ideal life you’d like to be living, and a down-in-the-mud routine that is the actual quotidian existence. Maybe you have health problems that are holding you back. Maybe there are people you need to pay, or pay off. Maybe there’s animals to look after. One way or another, your professional life is burdened in ways that you know will eventually pay off but currently is like being in the hot-seat, and hot-footed, at the same time; and surely you’d rather spend more time at home, learning something or catching up on your writing or planning your next vacation. You have to start keeping a journal, if you’re not already: three good things about today, one bad thing, something you’re looking forward to that comes tomorrow. Start dreaming the life you want, and pull that dream into your per-diem existence.

Pisces: Partnerships — whether in business or romance — are tricky and complex things, and they’re subject to fluid conditions. You drink from the same cups of revenue and expense, and you likely live in the same bubble of truth and falsehoods; and if you don’t, that usually invites the storm in from outside. In the next ten days, there’s a moment to set right some of these misconceptions, and realign your desires for a successful relationship with your genuine obligations. But that conversation won’t happen naturally: you have to invite it. “What do you see my role in the partnership being? Where am I not doing my part?” This has great potential to go well for you right now, and for you to see yourself favorably in another’s eyes. It might not go well — call it a risk of 10% or less — but chances are, if you’re in that category, you already know. And you can remediate for a little while before you open the dialogue for a better than even chance at praise and recognition.

Aries: For the next ten days, it’s going to be really hard to ignore your responsibilities, so it’s best to reawaken your commitment to them by dividing and separating them, and treating them as a game. Be lively: give yourself points for achieving certain goals or objectives, and treat your point totals as things to be admired. If you’re in a romantic partnership, communicate your intention to your partner, and be genially competitive about point-catching. Argue the rules, but don’t get upset by cheating or corner-cutting. Be generous in giving points to them, but don’t take any way. It will be difficult to get away from your desk at work, but set up after-work hangout times with some of your older colleagues and pick their brains for useful intelligence and new opportunities.

Taurus: So many disruptions to your schedule, routines, and travel plans! Nothing reliable. Shouting at a partner may not ease the problem, but it may feel good to vent — just allow them some recovery time. For all that, you have delightful things in your regular routine schedule, and some lovely things will work out to help your health along. But if you have recent doctoring — the cut made by a surgeon in your wallet may be harder to bear than the cut in your self: protect your finances by asking for an itemized bill, and point out flaws in reasoning. Additionally, buckle down on getting your daily tasks accomplished at work.

Gemini: Flawless execution on the big issue at work, nicely done! Just expect that a review has a chance of slicing it to ribbons and making you feel like you’re facing the firing squad. Don’t let it get you down. Schedule some spa time for yourself with your ‘gay best friend’ or your same-sex bestie; treat yourself! Just be aware that there’s a temptation to spend more than you’re really able to — this is an occasion for a $20 nail treatment, not a $20,000 Batsuit with armor and working grappling hooks. Your spouse or significant other will be expected to respond to fluid situations without the full data in their professional environment in the next ten days: wait for the full information before diving in to express your point of view.

Cancer: The first two to three days of the next ten, you may feel like you’re operating on your own on a high-wire with no net, and a lot of angry people trying to make you fall. Things ease after that, and you’re likely to find that you’re more secure n your power — and able to amplify and reflect back your partner’s complementary strengths, as well as diminish their concerns. Some cleanup and recommitment to the security and health of your household and home will be needed: you shouldn’t worry about a break-in, but you do have to refresh your autumn protocols. Work responsibilities may need to be divided by priorities — divide projects into at least two piles by upcoming deadline, and then ask for a review of your thinking by a supervisor. Their sign-off now could save you trouble in a few weeks.

Leo: Wordsworth wrote, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” and you may be feeling a bit like that — vast, diffuse emotion spread into a cubic kilometer or more around a few kernels or seeds of future rainfall. Dealing with familial matters could bring in a little funding, but it would require that you rouse more energy than you seem to have. Professional expectations require either a new certification or attendance at a conference that you don’t feel ready for. The challenges of your bathroom have got you worked up and steaming mad about something that may not be fixable for a while. Your partner’s daily schedule hasn’t got as much room for you as you like. This won’t last forever, but it’s a current pattern for a bit. Focus on a few simple pleasures, and get to work minimizing your daily routines to a manageable size.



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