Poetry: To Kairos for kidney health

The Decans of Libra are assigned to various parts of the hips, lower back, kidneys, and skin. A poem for Kairos, for kidney health. Kairos was said to rule the second decan of Libra (just ended), and I wrote this during the last ten days.

Hail to you, Kairos, the kidneys' keeper, 
that filter illness and toxin flom blood.
The one with sick kidneys is a weeper—
for the smallest pebble may turn the flood.
Like a cork in a bottle of champagne,
which holds in neck an unreleased pressure…
all seems quite fine until there's lightning pain,
a line of flame in an unseen fissure
running through the groin. Kairos, give us ease,
that poison and disease never linger
in our kidneys' ducts — well water them, please,
so they need not meet a surgeon's finger;
Keep our kidneys healthy, and working fine,
as long as these lines praise your Name Divine!

This poem, and others in the same series, should not be used in place of a suitable diagnosis and prescription of responses from a qualified doctor. But it is worth playing with, nonetheless.

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