Poem: Hymn to Mars-Rahu-Uranus in conjunction

For better or worse, these things tend to sneak up on everyone, even astrologers. It’s sort of in the nature of Uranus in particular, whose roles and powers in astrology often correlate with Surprise and Suddenness. Nonetheless, here we are.

The astrologer Dan Waites has done more work on this than I have. He’s noted that this combination — Mars and Uranus with the North Node in Taurus — glowered invisibly over the cities of Tenochtitlan and Madrid when Cortez took Monteczuma prisoner in AD 1520, and when Cato the Elder visited Carthage as a diplomatic advisor in 157 BC. This combination hits today and tomorrow, becoming about as exact as it can be at my location at about 2:15 pm EDT on 1 August 2022 — though the immediate effects are likely to last several days on either side, with indirect results that linger for decades. This is especially true with the current conjunction, that takes place with a square to Saturn in Aquarius and brings significant trouble to fixed signs.

As Dan Waites pointed out in his video, his two prior examples of Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct North Node (Rahu/Dragon’s Head) in Taurus are rather heavy — it’s associated with Rome’s overthrow of Carthage, and the Spanish Empire’s outsourced overthrow of the Aztec Empire by Cortez. It’s also (more loosely) associated with the origin point of the violent conflict between Protestants and Catholics across Germany and eastern Europe — both of these

As a former history teacher, I’m of course interested in the historical structure of these conjunctions and their co-incidence with major historical realignments of economics, politics, and social frameworks of the world. But longtime readers know that I tend to answer these sorts of conjunctions (such as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020 or the Saturn-Mars conjunction) with poetry rather than historical analysis (though I do that too)… that is, with metaphor and with magic. I hope that your recitation or silent reading of this poem either to yourself or to others, helps move the needle, so to speak, on how the realignment happens to go.

It’s a little weird to create a poem that may only be ‘useful’ every 500 or 1500 years. But astrologers have to think big, as much as they think small — and maybe a little poem, without turning the tide, can at least create an eddy or two in how it plays out.

Hymn for Mars and Uranus in Taurus with Rahu

Glorious prince with iron in the spine,
leading the masses to hunger for blood —
and Hidden Vastness by whom thoughts incline
in concert — you slay states, and nip the bud
of cities barely born; you smash the fruit 
and burn the groves of imperial pears
in princely orchards you sever each root;
and beat pruning hooks to long sharp spears.
The steel of ploughshares can be beat to swords...
and violent endings oft commence in words.

The ox is not denied the mouth of hay
when the grain is threshed — though the chaff scatters;
and Rome's construction took more than a day:
a king's royal robe turned to slave's tatters
more than once in that reshaping of Earth.
But no farmer gives the ox all the wheat;
the miller takes some, and so does the Duke,
so soldiers can kill the judge in his seat
as king topples king in violent rebuke.

The moots of Dragon, Uranus, and Mars
rarely combine to make the world more fair;
the wounds of Earth gape, and all bear fresh scars, 
when conflicts arise because none can share.
But may your villainies be circumspect,
though the mighty be toppled from their thrones
and all Earth's present earldoms die like grass;
for the troubles you make, most oft collect
on the most burdened; the catapult stones
and the bombs that melt towns to livid glass,

the flame in the orchard, and berry patch,
the poison in the paddy or the well,
only rarely wounds those who struck the match
or ordered the alchemists' liquid Hell.
Mars and Uranus, you each give the light
to soldier, or chemist, or inventor;
shipwright, welder, and smith heed your voices.
May they hear Dragon-roar, and see its flight,
and yet find courage to ground, and center —
and for all Earth's sake, make better choices
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