Hymn for Jupiter and Saturn in Conjunction in Air Signs

Today, as all should know, is the day for Jupiter and Saturn’s visible or apparent conjunction, when we here on Earth can see the closest approach of the two outermost visible planets of our solar system. As they’re now conjuncting at 0° Aquarius 29′, this is the start of a long-term period in which they will only conjunct in Air signs until 2159 AD. Consequently, maybe this hymn will stick around a while.

My astrology software shows the conjunction becoming exact at 1:02 pm EST.

Hail to thee, great princes of the heavens,
rulers of the night’s outermost reaches,
changers of truths and shifters of givens.
One of you commands, the other teaches,
how what is old must soon pass away,
and what is renewed must take pride of place,
as twenty years begin and end today,
with some sent for hiding; some getting grace.
Judgement and Duty, Fortune’s gold seal,
Heartiness, and Wealth, are under your weal.

Now at your meeting, in rarefied Air,
far above the highest heights of the cloud:
let all your counsels be both just fair;
spoken with soft voice, yet heard clear and loud;
Close out the tales of two decades behind,
open the books of twenty years ahead,
show mercy to the generous and kind,
mend the broken, and strike the wicked dead.
Shapers of Stories, and Judges of Time,
reward all mercy, and punish all crime.

Let your breath be songs of wisdom and peace:
May Jove yet temper Saturn’s harshest voice,
his hard decree to make jollity cease;
may Saturn in wisdom restrain Jove’s choice
to grant bright honor and mercy to all.
May each grant dignity and distinction,
needful wealth, and work worth duty’s call,
to those who meet to watch their convention.
In starr’d congress you meet, and we exhale
prayers for the Earth to be whole, and hale.

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