Sun in Taurus I: Charis

Taurus season begins tonight with the Sun’s entry to the sign of the bull at 10:24 pm EDT. Austin Coppock called this first decan of Taurus The Plough, perhaps in reference to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s description of the image of this part of the Zodiac: a naked man, perhaps an archer, husbandman, or farmer, going forth to plough the earth and manage it according to the rules of geometry.

Astrological Chart for April 19, 2022 at 10:24 pm EDT: Asc at 3° Sagittarius, Moon at 14° Sagittarius, Sun at 0° Taurus.

One ancient source gives this season of the year to Charis and her sisters — the Three Graces. Charis is the personification of Charity. Today we mean something like ‘gift-giving of money for helping those in need.” For the classical and Hellenistic era, it was more like the kindness and the gracefulness you feel towards someone after twenty years of marriage: the passions that made you fuck like rabbits in heat in the back of a VW bus might no longer be present — but there is a deeper level of adoration and care that may be present, something that says, “this person birthed my child, this person held my hand after the miscarriage, this person stuck by me when I lost my job, this person helped me fight back against my enemies and rivals, this person took care of me when I was sick.” In a short-term relationship, the fierceness of passion matters a lot. In a long-term relationship, the care with which the partners approach one another and look out for one another matters a great deal more. Charis, sometimes called Aglaea, was Aphrodite’s chief bathing attendant, makeup artist, and dresser — her closest and most intimate confidante, and her most subtle advisor.

But perhaps that’s not a clear enough example. Charis is the goddess present when you watch someone you love get out a baking dish, contaminate it with raw chicken, realize the disk is too small, transfer the raw chicken to another baking dish only to discover it’s also too small, and finally settle on the correct one. Charis is the goddess who helps you wash all three dishes without recrimination or blame or anger, because this person is ordinarily so attendant to the challenge of feeding the household healthily and happily. Charis is the goddess who helps you do your part to smooth out the error for everyone’s benefit.

In this decan administered by Mercury we see something of that subtlety and expertise, that generosity of kindness, and that willingness to smooth over short-term troubles for the sake of the long-term. Mercury’s recent conjunction with Uranus speaks to the idea of short-term turbulence (who had a complicated relationship with family over the holy-days week and weekend, raise your hands?), even as the longer-term issues get flattened by the Sun’s presence in Taurus, rendering other planets’ intentions combust and hidden. The little messenger and the great revolutionary may be in contention — but the true light shows us where our comfort, our luxury, and our happiness are to be found.

Planetary Placements

The Ascendant in Sagittarius I The Poison Arrow puts the chart under the rulership of Jupiter — who’s currently got all the “fun planets” at a party in his pool house: Mars, Venus, and Neptune all look to Jove most generous and merciful, and all of them are looking to have a good time. Though we’re looking at a night chart, it’s worth recognizing that Jupiter is the final dispositor of seven signs right now, more than half the chart: only Leo, the two Mercury-ruled signs, and the two Saturn-ruled signs, escape his influence. Even then, his opposition affects Virgo and squares Gemini. However, Mars is eager to cause trouble at the party, Venus is looking for a mix of humane and more feral entertainments, Neptune has brought some really good drugs but maybe has used a little too much and needs to sleep it off…. and Jupiter’s too frantic about making a good impression to have a good time himself. The Imum Coeli in their midst suggests that everyone is going to get precisely what they want… Mars included.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Sagittarius (and the Twentieth Mansion, The Beam) promises that what is hunted for — whether a nap, or a book new-to-you by your favorite author — is likely to be found. Favorably placed in her own decan The Bridle, her trine to the Lot of Fortune rewards the quest for happiness with some successes, although a square to Venus suggests that some pleasures are better sought in the wider world than at home.

Pluto still hunkers down on the decan called The Throne, placing amplified and grandiose expectations on money matters — a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to the Descendant. However, it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the only thing amplified and grandiose are inflation rates. One of my friends realized that rising flour prices meant that she was losing nearly $15.00 every time she went to the farmers’ market with her bread and pastries — a prompt price-increase to all her baked goods followed in short order. These next ten days may see another round of use-taxes on the things you buy regularly.

Where Jupiter fails to control, Saturn in Aquarius III The Knot steps up with great slowness and stateliness, ruling the second and third houses — family matters and neighborhood difficulties are slow to resolve, financial expectations don’t pan out as planned, travel costs increase, and budget cutbacks are sharp and serious. In some ways, if you don’t have to travel, it’s not a great time to do so, and it might be worth sticking closer to home.

The Lot of Fortune and Chiron occupy the middle decan of Aries The Crown — I haven’t written much about Chiron the wounded healer before, but it strikes me as relevant that the traumatized “Centaur for Disease Control” is in the place of pastimes, entertainments and exercise alongside the place where the better angels of our nature descend to meet the rising ape: the advice is clear. Take charge of your own happiness in the next ten days, regardless of what that looks like.

The Sun in Taurus I The Plough, and Uranus and Mercury both in Taurus II The Lingam-Yoni, have their own stories to tell. Our higher self, represented by the Sun, should be thinking about having a plan for the next six months — a plan that’s rooted in food supply, health management, and the prevention of illness. Mercury and Uranus promise ongoing disruptions to our autonomy and personal power in managing our daily schedule and routines, and challenges to how we choose to protect our health and avoid illness. The tide is turning against mask mandates and COVID mitigation strategies — it remains to be seen if this is a good idea.

Finally, the Nodal Axis places the North Node in Taurus III The Prayer Beads, and the South Node in Scorpio III The Crow. The hunger for reliable and standard patterns and routines is growing urgent… but what we pick up as bright and enjoyable, is where the shit comes out, and where our isolation and downfall appears.

Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Sagittarius: Ruling Jupiter is angular but square. Seek out ways to be successful these next ten days, for what you seek you’ll find. Cash flow may continue to be tight, and there are good reasons to worry about family, but a good deal of energy for your own efforts will be bottled up at home and ready to access. It may be hard to settle into one project, but there’s value in repairing what is broken for the sake of pursuing your hobbies or helping your children. Expect a tempest in a teapot over your work schedule, but be aware that trouble is likely to appear in times of solitude.

Capricorn: Ruling Saturn is cadent and inconjunct. A particular favor or benefit will come to you these ten days, but an old man may cause you to lose that benefit. Make a point to call any siblings or cousins, as if by chance, in order to catch their good news. It may be small enough that they won’t think to include you in the joy until later, but you will have an opportunity to extend your influence with them; and be recognized for your willingness to be part of their lives. If your parents still live, it would also be a good idea to make inquiries of them as to their health and plans for the future — showing this care will endear you to them, where others have faltered. Organize an event for women friends and associates, and good results will accrue to you. If you have children, be alert to their needs; if not, consider a journey to a place you believe to be spiritually enriching. If married or committed, pick up some of your spouse’s tasks and do them this week out of kindness.

Aquarius: Ruling Saturn is present but cadent. You may come into a small inheritance these ten days ahead, or be alerted to a legacy you are due. There may be grief associated with these riches, so do not hold back tears if they come — but resolve to do good things for yourself and family with what comes your way. A short journey to visit a sibling or cousin would be beneficial in any case, so that the merits and benefits of your family’s heritage fall on you both. Resolve not to argue with either siblings or parents these ten days, either: you will be more honored in the keeping of peace than in the management of conflict.

Pisces: Ruling Jupiter is present, angular, and co-present with three other planets. A range of good things are likely to come your way at home, but be cautious of contention under your roof. Your own labor is likely to bring you wealth and benefit, and you’ll be lucky in the business choices you make this week, provided that you remember to keep your siblings in the loop and provide guidance to your kin. However, be cautious about giving such advice in areas where you’re not genuinely an expert; if you’re a tourist in the digital-currency wastelands, for example, now’s not the time to urge an “all in” call on a specific eCoin — that way lies the ruin of your own fortunes and enmity with cousins. Professionally, you’re in good shape, though: keep to the course you’ve been steering and all will be well between you and your boss.

Aries: Mars is angular but inconjunct. Be a little watchful and wary in the next ten days: you have rivals or even outright enemies that will be difficult to defeat. Retreating and regrouping is better than a direct confrontation, which you will lose. Expenses may come your way this season which are best spent, but may leave you with nothing — spend the money that will still help you in six months (like new glasses or significant repairs on your tires) but delay those expenses which are ephemeral (like a concert in July). Travel right now is not ideal, particularly overseas or long-distance — there’s bugs about that you’re at risk of catching. Are you married, or thinking about becoming so? The next ten days this partner may be angsty or even angry, and a careful assessment of the underlying causes is worthwhile.

Taurus: Venus is sextile, angular and separating from Uranus and applying to Mercury. Getting together with friends is likely to lead to fortunate and happy experiences, in which you all thrive. Be prepared to make a little money from your professional activities this next ten days, and to earn a little more than usual. Keep the path steady and follow the flow-charts of normal operations, and all will be well. Remember your spouse or significant other in your activities, and you’re likely to gain from that remembrance.

Gemini: Mercury is peregrine, cadent, and inconjunct. Rivalries and challenges from open opponents may multiply, but the “old man” is likely to see things your way; be prepared with evidence to support your case to him. A spouse brings you significant benefit in the form of secret treasures (or maybe just access to the “secret places” — extra marital sex and extramarital sex are not the same thing, one leading to happiness and the other to messy divorces). There may be trouble in your household if you’re the head of the family — but checking in on living grandparents or parents would not be out of place, either.

Cancer: Moon angular, in the 20th mansion, but peregrine and inconjunct. Seek what you will, and you’re likely to find it. You’re going to have to work like a dog these next ten days, and feel sick as one, too. However, this isn’t forever: check out some of your long-range educational goals and make a field trip to a school or workshop-site you’re interested in (during that unfortunately limited free time). Just keep these journeys short and relatively local: now’s not a great time to rush to the other side of the world! A spouse or significant other may need a loan of a substantial amount of money; arrange matters so that you are not holding all of the debt for them, or else you risk losing money and partner both. Do you have children? Entertain the idea of them leaving home, either as a thought experiment (if they’re very young), or if travel or educational options come their way when older — the benefit from their distance will be hard to see until you’ve considered it.

Leo: Sun is cadent, square, and peregrine. You’re in line for a raise, a promotion, a recognition or all three— but people are looking for a little bit more from you, even so; be alert to the opportunity to give a sign, like managing a team, meeting an important deadline, or recognizing your own greatness (and arguing for it from evidence rather than personal opinion — I see you, Leo!). Past history in your company or family may be a useful guide here: you’ll be expected to work from prior precedents, and your growth and success will be a byproduct of that command of past events. Ask spouses or significant others for help in this; you’ll get the best advice from someone who knows you, and loves you anyway. If you have children, a sharper eye on them these ten days will be welcome; if not, be careful not to let your hobbies overwhelm your regular duty.

Virgo: Mercury is trine, but peregrine, cadent and inconjunct. Prayer may not be your common problem-solving method, but there’s benefit to that spiritual labor alongside your technical journeys into knowledge that is far from your usual haunts. A spouse, significant other or business partner is likely to provide deep insight into a problem; if not, a survey of women co-workers is likely to yield results, too. Genuine partnership is difficult… but it’s harder to fake, and the false-front will yield less useful benefits than real alliance. In professional matters, think as a doctor would in your daily challenges: rule out the most likely options first and be discerning and cautious in applying medicines. If you have allies in distant offices or overseas branches, consult with them often in the next ten days.

Libra: Venus is exalted and angular but inconjunct. Hard work ahead in the next ten days, and a risk of illness. Be cautious about how you deal with your kids these ten days, and demonstrate to them with greater love than usual. When was the last time you got your car’s brakes taken care of? Maybe it’s not the brakes, but an assessment of that weird sound in the engine is needed. Similarly, you may know you need an electrician or plumber “sometime soon” — well, that time is now, before it breaks. Got siblings? Intimate friends? Schedule some network calls or a Zoom get together if you can’t visit in person. And if you’re slipping into an affair — get a grip, friend, and go home to your spouse; this particular conspiracy won’t end well.

Scorpio: Mars is angular and trine but peregrine. Are you ready to be a parent? If not, more caution than usual is suggested for romantic entanglements in the next ten days. Even if you are ready to have kids, more caution and enthusiastic consent in sexual encounters is warranted than usual, particularly if you’re fond of bedroom games with handcuffs and blindfolds. Moreover — if you’ve already got kids, a more vital level of engagement and connection with them should be your plan through the end of April. Are you getting the message, Scorpio? Pay close attention to the people in your life that you love — they need your active awareness right now. Unfortunately, your boss is going to be breathing down your neck about getting projects finished, and your parents may have some tasks around the house that could use your attention. You can’t prioritize everything — let love lead you, ok?


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