Sun in Scorpio III — Kairos

The Sun enters Scorpio III at 36 minutes before midnight on November 11, 2021 — nearly the whole of Armistice Day/Veterans’ Day will pass before the fated moment. Austin Coppock called this decan “The Crow” in his book on the decans, 36 Faces, noting its connection to its administrating planet Venus, and the search for the bright and the shiny that seems to be a feature of those with prominent placements here.

Sun's ingress to the third decan of Scorpio on 11 November 2021, at 11:24 pm EST: Sun at 20° Scorpio 00', Moon at 28° Aquarius 4', Rising at 24° Leo 56'.

We face two serious challenges in the present moment, a pair of stelliums and a strong portent arranged in a square between the seventh and the fourth houses — on the one hand, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn glare from horizon-height across the bowl of the sky from west to east. At the midnight position, Mars, Mercury and the Sun drill down deep into what we really want. From the heights of heaven, Uranus and the Lot of Fortune survey the night sky and hold out recognition of a widespread and public revolt against both the old normal and the new ordinary. The three clusters of power affect home, relationships, and career, and bring all their force to bear on YOU, dear reader, and put your self in hazard: who are you going to be? What will you keep hold of? How will you become who you are supposed to be in this moment? We can’t expect the next ten days to be comforting — rather the contrary should be looked for.

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars, but the third decan is administered by Venus — providing a suggestion of dark, focused beauty and the intentional gathering and washing of what shines and glitters in the shadows, whether a gilded cup or a bright and intelligent eye. Mars may be ambitious and focused and emotional in Scorpio, but the separating sextile from Venus points to an aesthetic connection as well — the Sun’s light here will shine upon a revealed treasure — or possibly a sordid secret that becomes glitteringly attractive in the light.

The Greeks of Roman-ruled Alexandria celebrated Kairos (Latin Caerus) in the ten days of this decan — the only power in the decanic list of the 36 Airs of the Zodiac to be listed twice (He also rules Libra II, which usually runs from about October 1-ish to October 10th-ish). Depicted in classical Greek statuary as an oiled youth ready for athletic contest, with only one forelock of hair, he was the god of Opportunity. That hair was the only thing he could be grabbed by, for Opportunity can only be grabbed from the front. Once this “youngest son of Zeus” runs past you, catching him is nearly impossible. Forever youthful and forever speeding on his way, Caerus/Kairos can only be grabbed in his proper season, and never at any other time. It’s easy to think of Kairos/Caerus as a mere allegory, of course… once explained, his appearance makes sense as a visual image of the kind that’s common in Palace of Memory work. Yet there was an Altar of Opportunity dedicated to Caerus at Olympia, the site of the Olympic Games — for although Mercury, the god of expertise, was said to be the patron of athletes and thieves and business people, it was Caerus who was said to be the maker of such people: without opportunity, there was no chance to break into the locked room, nor to run the race, nor to make the first sale. Caerus brought the beginning of the work to its start.

Which brings us neatly back to The Crow, which is the name of this decan — named for the white crow sent to retrieve Apollo’s golden drinking goblet from his palace. Awed and amazed by the beautiful goblet, the crow hopped away and hid, not realizing that the heat from Apollo’s cup was already blackening his feathers and changing him from a snow-white bird to one rather more dusky of hue. Caerus makes thieves by providing opportunity in its proper season, and Venus administering Mars’s decan also makes opportunists — those who act swiftly where and when aesthetics are on the line, or a beautiful thing or experience can be had for almost nothing.

Planetary Positions

The Ascendant is in the third decan of Leo, called The Banner, making the Sun the ruler of the chart. However, the chart puts the Sun at a point close to midnight, making the internal experience and the home and family life far more important than any public concerns. Economic and personal matters rule the roost, which wind up being strongly informed by our dreams and the context for our happiness. With the Sun below the horizon, this becomes a night chart, giving a greater degree of power to the Moon on the western horizon in Aquarius.

Mercury and Mars are under the beams in Scorpio, creating tumultuous communication and challenging conditions at home. However, to be under the beams means to be within 15° of the Sun, and thus invisible or unconscious — these dissents and contentions are likely to be under the surface most of the time, but will come boiling up unexpectedly. The Sun leaves behind the decan it rules, and becomes peregrine at this moment — rather like a prominent celebrity being photographed by the paparazzi, the Sun outshines all around him, yet must defer to his publicist (Mercury) and bodyguard (Mars) in tow. The situation calls for a bodyguard, and yet the support team cannot hog the spotlight for the moment — both planets are rising before the Sun at the moment (and visible doing all the work in the early pre-dawn hours), but the real show comes later. This indicates that we must work out our fierce and ambitious goals for our family, too, and communicate them in secret — but be all smiles and courtesy when in public.

The South Node-North Node Axis counts down its last weeks teeter-tottering in the remaining degrees of Sagittarius and Capricorn. The Fifth House represents fun in all its forms, and also the consequences of that fun… and at the moment, the South Node is promising that fun is where all the crap goes down. The South Node currently promises delay in all that is supposed to be swift, and sourness in all that is sweet; while the North Node brings urgency to all gnostic matters: enlightenment now! prosperity now! wealth, health, opportunity and peace, now! None of these things come in anything other than their own time: patience is a necessary but fickle virtue for the moment; and delay should be understood to be the normal state of affairs.

Venus edges toward an upcoming appointment with Pluto that seems foreordained. Yet Venus’s retrograde in December will put off this meeting until early March 2022, like a pair of would-be lovers who find it difficult to synchronize their schedules and arrive at the same destination in a timely way. We’re entering a season in which employers and employees will seek ways “to get the gang all back together” — for a party, for a farewell, for a come-to-Jesus “we need to be back in the office/workshop/school/center” or we can’t make this work any more. Expect more layoffs and resignations, though, as leadership and rank-and-file continue to speak in mismatched tones. No master is likely to be able to advance the conversation all that far past “do what I say,” and few servants will be able to say “yes” to whatever is on offer.

In the seventh house of the Others, Saturn and Jupiter hide below the horizon, while the Moon shines above. In the twenty-sixth Mansion, the Moon offers favorable and nurturing waters for the benefit of all beings. Benevolence, goodwill, and love, will be a public marker between you and your partners (whether romantic or business, or even with those you consider open rivals or outright foes) — it’s a good time to signal your admiration of others often. Below the fold and under the radar, there are ongoing limitations and unspoken conversations that have yet to be resolved. Much of this will begin to morph and reshape itself in part by January 2022 — but there is a need to make sense of some of the real hurdles and snarls that prevent both true peace and genuine prosperity. January 2022 doesn’t mean this resolves at all — it does mean that shared resources and mutual obligations will be clearer, but any ongoing tension may not lift for some time.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces in the eighth house points to ongoing conflicts over shared resources, and people finding a dissolution of their contractual obligations (either through more work at the same pay, or less work through layoffs, vaccination mandates, and resignations). Borrowing money (especially from friends) is a less than ideal strategy; and it’s likely that many of the normal things of your current life may have to change significantly. If you’re thinking about uncovering elements of your life that are occluded or hidden in some fashion, both psychotherapy and esoteric teachings may provide some comfort.

Uranus in Taurus, although retrograde, rules the height of the sky in the tenth house. Ongoing shifts in your career path are normal; even if you’re staying at the same compnay or working in the same office, you may find your job description changes significantly, or that your supervisors and bosses either become more tyrannical or dismissed. If you are the boss, there will be strong temptations to carry out punitive measures against disobedient or difficult employees. However, it’s important to recognize that someone — some person — must carry out the work that actually must be done. In warehouse or kitchen, in emergency ward or office, on the construction site or in the field, there is a button that must be pushed, a lever thrown, an alarm turned off, a switch flipped. A shovel must bite the ground, or a nail must go into the board or the mortar smoothed for the next brick. The basket must be filled, the cheese shaped, the vegetables harvested, the fruit sorted. Even in the office, someone must sign the paper or make the phone call.

Who on earth will do that work, if everyone else is sent home?

Remarkably, this is where the Lot of Fortune is —the place and position that indicates where our favorable choices for future wealth must lead. You have an opportunity, regardless of class or social position or economic well-being, to make a choice for the better — a choice that enhances your reputation, grows your future prospects, and creates wealth. Examine your life and ask whether you’re moving toward a desired future. Then make appropriate changes.

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