Drawing a chart by hand

A client of mine requested something unusual of me: an astrological birth chart not for himself, but for a recently born grandchild. He hasn’t had an astrology chart done for himself in fifty years, but found that consultation quite valuable. Now he wanted to provide that door-opening for a member of his family, a descendant, and in part since he might not be around long enough to open the door for this child as a teenager.

But in discussions, we both realized that writing an astrology report for an infant was really not a responsible thing to do. Every astrologer and student of astrology must wrestle with this at some point — a request comes in that triggers ethical considerations, where the client and the astrologer both want the best for a third party, but also don’t want to influence the third party unduly or inappropriately. In this case, the child isn’t in a position to do anything other that chew on the corners of this piece of paper, much less read it. And the parents might easily use a lengthy computer-generated document as a way to manipulate or control their child, or stunt their development even inadvertently.

An illustrated astrology chart, in process

So we settled on this. I’m going to produce a handmade chart with only three or four lines about each planet and aspect. There won’t be as much detail as I would include in an adult report or adult consultation. There will be fewer warnings or prescriptions about behavior; more ideas about how to use the chart to become a better or happier person; more elements intended to belong the native lead a well-rounded and meaningful life.

An astrology  chart and a framework for astrological delineations,  all drawn by hand

And that means that this, here, is as much as I really dare show — more than this, the addition of text indicating birthplace, birth time, or the client’s grandchild’s name — is probably out of line. This is a thing unique to this child and to this client.

But it’s to serve a different kind of purpose than a traditional astrology chart. This is a tool for helping an infant grow into the sort of adult person who understands how much their grandfather loved them, and how much the grandparent wanted the grandchild to have a chance to lead a meaningful life open to many possibilities.

In essence, this is a talisman. It’s a magical object intended to convey love, hope, appreciation, protection, guidance and opportunity to the third generation down from the client. It’s intended to create a bond between ancestor and descendant. It’s intended to be a way for the grandparent to convey some unique advice from a tradition they found useful, to the recipient.

An astrology chart and illuminations  all drawn by hand, for a client

The child won’t be old enough to read this for several years yet. They may not understand its contents for decades yet.

But it will convey one important message for as long as it lasts: that their grandfather loved them, and cared about them enough, to see to it that their birth was celebrated and marked in ways that were unique to them — and that a range of good advice for navigating life’s pitfalls would pass from generation to generation.

My my hands and eyes, my artistic skill, and my ability to internet the chart, all be up to that manifold and essential task.

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