Astrology: Moon Lunations 2020

Jeff P, one of my commenters, asked me if I was planning to do the Moon Lunations cycle for this year. I hadn’t planned on it, in part because I’d forgotten that it was there, and partly because I wasn’t sure it had been useful to anyone. But going back to it, I discovered that it wasn’t as wrong as I thought it was going to be.

image of the moon on the constellation of Orion

The basic process remains the same: 1. Identify which Moon Cycles are active this year, and 2) when those full and new Moons fall in the Moon Mansions cycle; and 3) identify which cycles ‘complete’ by going from a Full Moon to a New Moon (a Waning cycle), and which ones go from a New Moon to a Full Moon (a Waxing cycle). There’s an additional wrinkle, though. In a Facebook message in one of his forums, Austin Coppock recommended that I look at using Sidereal Mansion positions — because the original Mansions are defined by where the Moon is relative to a fixed star behind it. So that’s a whole different kettle of fish, and we’ll see what we can do. So, I’m in transition as it were, between using tropical Moon-Mansions, and sidereal Moon-Mansions. In this post, I’m only going to see if I can get the Tropical dogs to hunt, and then I’ll write a second post next week on the sidereal insights, once I’ve picked that apart a little more carefully. For now, we’ll stick to tropical.

The first thing is figuring out Moon positions, and their Mansions. There tend to be about thirteen Full or New Moons in a year, and about twelve of the other… those are called Lunations… so that’s either 23 or 24, or 25 or 26 lunations in a year. This is a 25-lunation year.

  • Lunation 1: Jan. 10, Full Moon, 20° Cancer 00′ (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Ninth Mansion, Al-Tarf (frustration and misfortune)
  • Lunation 2: Jan. 24, New Moon, 4° Aquarius 21′
    • Tropical: Twenty-Fourth Mansion, Al-Su’ud (Good luck and increase)
  • Lunation 3: Feb. 9, Full Moon, 20° Leo 00′
    • Tropical: Eleventh Mansion, Al-Zubrah (strife and combat)
  • Lunation 4: Feb. 23, New Moon, 4° Pisces 29′
    • Tropical: Twenty-Seventh Mansion, Al Fargh Al Thani (destruction of resources)
  • Lunation 5: Mar. 9, Full Moon, 19° Virgo 37′
    • Tropical: Fourteenth Mansion, Al-Simak (breaking of inappropriate bonds)
  • Lunation 6: Mar. 24, New Moon, 4° Aries 12′
    • Tropical: First Mansion, Al Sharatain (creation and destruction)
  • Lunation 7: Apr. 7, Full Moon, 19° Libra 44′
    • Tropical: Fifteenth Mansion, Al Jubana (rebalancing of wealth)
  • Lunation 8: Apr. 22, New Moon, 3° Taurus 12′
    • Tropical: Al Thurayya (sweet influences)
  • Lunation 9: May 7, Full Moon, 18° Scorpio 20′
    • Tropical: Eighteenth Mansion, Al-Qalib (medicinal poison)
  • Lunation 10: May 22, New Moon, 2° Gemini 04′
    • Tropical: Fifth Mansion, Al Hakah (health and goodwill)
  • Lunation 11: June 5, Full Moon, 15° Sagittarius 34′ (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Twentieth Mansion, Al-Na’am (containment of aggression)
  • Lunation 12: June 21, New Moon, 00° Cancer 21′ (Annular Solar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Al-Nathrah, alliance and conquest
  • Lunation 13: July 5, Full Moon, 13° Capricorn 38′ (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Twenty-Third Mansion, Al-Bulah (devastation and decrease)
  • Lunation 14: July 20, New Moon, 28° Cancer 26′
    • Tropical: Tenth Mansion, Al-Jabhah, (increasing strength)
  • Lunation 15: Aug. 3, Full Moon, 11° Aquarius 45′
    • Tropical: Twenty-Fifth Mansion, Al-Ahbiya (preservation and gardening)
  • Lunation 16: Aug. 18, New Moon, 26° Leo 35′
    • Tropical: Eleventh Mansion, Al-Sarfah (strife and combat)
  • Lunation 17: Sept. 2, Full Moon, 10° Pisces 12′
    • Tropical: Twenty-Seventh Mansion, Al-Fargh Al-Thani, destruction of resources
  • Lunation 18: Sept. 17, New Moon, 25° Virgo 01′
    • Tropical: Fourteenth Mansion, Al-Simak, breaking of inappropriate bonds
  • Lunation 19: Oct. 1, Full Moon, 09° Aries 08′
    • Tropical: First Mansion, Al Sharatain, creation and destruction
  • Lunation 20: Oct. 16, New Moon, 23° Libra 53′
    • Tropical: Fifteenth Mansion, Al Jubana, rebalancing of wealth
  • Lunation 21: Oct. 31, Full Moon, 08° Taurus 38′
    • Tropical: Fourth Mansion, Al Dabaran, discord and enmity
  • Lunation 22: Nov 15, New Moon, 13° Scorpio 17′
    • Tropical: Eighteenth Mansion, Al-Qalib (medicinal poison)
  • Lunation 23: Nov. 30, Full Moon, 08° Gemini 38′ (Penumbral Solar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Sixth Mansion, Al-Hanah, bonds of attraction and connection
  • Lunation 24: Dec. 14, New Moon, 23° Sagittarius 08′ (Total Solar Eclipse)
    • Tropical: Twenty-First Mansion, Al-Baldah, internal conflict.
  • Lunation 25: Dec. 29, Full Moon, 08° Cancer 53′
    • Tropical: Eighth Mansion, Al Nathrah, alliance and conquest

Waning Cycles

Four leapt from the page pretty clearly.

From February 9th to August 18th, the cycle of the Eleventh Mansion will be winding down. Al-Sarfah suggests a decline in the amount of external violence, such as between states or between states and non-governmental actors like terrorist cells.

From March 9th to September 17, the Al-Simak cycle shows a decrease in the breakage of inappropriate bonds: that is, an increase of things staying together that should not be: Deep-fried Twinkie ice cream sandwiches, for example… but also people staying together who should be divorced (who may stay together because of greater uncertainty outside, or greater risk of violence). It can also be the political wrangle of ideological rivals who stick together because the risks of separation are greater.

From April 7 to October 16, we see the Al-Jubana Cycle decline into night and darkness. Since this particular cycle deals with the rebalancing of wealth among many… it’s likely that this represents an increasing inequality between the very rich and everyone else.

From May 7 to November 15, we see a decline in the amount of medicinal poison available (or poisonous medicine. So … less weird stuff in kids’ Halloween candy bags this October? Fewer opioids available on the street? Fewer dangerous drugs available? But what about other things… hmmm. Hard to tell.

Waxing Cycles

Well… We’ve got three.

From February 23 to September 2, we have an uptick in the Al Fargh al Thani cycle, indicating destruction of material goods and decrease of wealth. That is…. we’re going to see a lot of stuff destroyed, and a lot of people get a lot poorer.

March 24 to October 1, the cycle of Al-Sharatain ticks upwards. Called “the Two Signals” it indicates the intertwining cycles of creation and destruction — the power of upwelling change, and collapsing change, both intermingled. In the context of the Wizards of the Future episode I did with Erik Arneson, I think that this means that the existing world is going to continue to come apart, and little bubbles of change showing the new world are likely to emerge during this window.

June 21 to December 29, the cycle of Al-Nathrah ticks upwards in the tropical Zodiac. Over the course of the year, the global chessboard is getting rearranged: new alliances are forming where before there were none; unconquerable locations are now seen to be highly vulnerable. In more local forums, you’re likely to find unlikely bedfellows and preferential partners in your more local struggles.

Carry-Overs from Last Year

August 11, 2019 to February 9, 2020 to August 15, 2020, is the completion of an Eleventh Mansion cycle from new Moon to full Moon and back to New Moon. So, here’s hoping… but February 9 may be the current local peak of the state violence cycle, which would be nice. Maybe we take a step or three back from a serious war.

June 3, 2019 to November 30, 2020 is the completion of a Sixth Mansion story from new Moon to full Moon, and the rise of an increase of friendship and connection in the world. Gordon over on Rune Soup has talked about the emergence of a new model of financial flows arising in the near future. The preliminary to that is the reorganization of the existing systems of alliance and relationships, both country to country and person to person.

I also noted in my earlier column that the March 24, 2020 New Moon is the bottom of a nearly three-year decline in the creation/destruction cycle of the First Mansion, using this model. Here’s hoping, right??

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  1. I thought about your eclipse system again after JMG’s recent Patreon/SubscribeStar posting on the December/January lunar eclipse pairs.

    In solar-year mundane astrology, eclipses act as short/long duration localized wildcards that stack[*]. In contrast, your lunar model signifies the eclipse cycles as tidal changes of focus and energy.

    That’s an interesting opposition pair, and I think you’re bringing something new to mundane astrology with it. Heck, it could bring new things to magical elections by showing which enchantments have cyclical advantage.

    [*] When I started reading up on it, I hadn’t realized how much complexity this implied, or just how much variability it could bring to geographically close areas.

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