Earth and Sky Reading

I’ve decided to offer a special this month.

I call the Earth and Sky Reading. For $75, and an hour of your time, I will do a pair of Geomantic house charts and an analysis of the major astrological transits of 2019, relative to your birth chart. The geomantic charts will give you a brief insight into the year by month and life-topic, while the transit analysis will keep you thinking about longer-term cycles at work in the year. You’ll be receiving advice from both heaven and earth at the start of the new year.

I have the time to do 30 such readings. Feel free to leave a comment below; comments are screamed, so I won’t publish your comment, but I will be able to use the email address you leave, to send you data on payment and the actual reading.

Consider signing up today. I am also offering this deal through my Facebook page, but when I have received 30 request and payments, I will close both channels.

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