Sewing: Birka style hat

Birka style Viking hat More or less as soon as I said, “I don’t know what to make next,” I remembered a comment earlier in the day about a fabric in my collection looking like something that Sherlock Holmes would wear. A deerstalker cap is an ugly thing, and I didn’t much feel like making one. But it occurred to me that this fabric, which had earlier this week gone into a pillow, would make a very nice starting point for a Birka-style viking hat of six panels. Turns out, my head is huge, and I need to make an eight-panel hat.  Ooops.  So, that’s what I made.

Except my head isn’t quite an eight-panel head.  It’s a seven and 2/3s hat, apparently. Maybe 3/4s. So there was quite a bit of finagling at the end, and the result is not ideal.  Needs trim, too.  But it’s a good starting point for a newish plan or design.  And I like the way the resulting hat sits on my head.

I’ve made hats before. I know, from personal experience, that they’re tricky to get exactly right.  But I now have two hats, in two different forms, that I more or less know how to make not-badly.  It’s a start.

I saw something recently in the context of teaching, which I recognized as the correct attitude for sewing.  It defined the word “Fail”, meaning to not-succeed, not cross the bar, not achieve, as an acronym.  Instead of standing for something ruinous, it stood for this:

  • First
  • Attempt
  • In
  • Learning

So, this hat is not a fail, but a FAIL.  A First Attempt In Learning. By that measure, it’s succeeded very well.  My next hat in this style will be brilliant and great.

I think I have enough of the fabric left, to try again.

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