Sewing: Last of the Peacock Work

peacock bag
The set of strips that ultimately became two wall hangings (neither has sold yet) is down to its last shreds, or more specifically, its last block. This was the last bit of that combination of fabrics, and now it’s become a tarot bag (or a bag for something similarly sized).  Ta-Da!

Kalagni, do you want it?  It’s your for the say-so…  Otherwise, it goes on Etsy in a week or so.  (Why does she get the nod? because she admired the wall hanging several weeks ago.  Allies sometimes get presents, don’t ya know?). The other two pieces from the series are here:

I find myself in a bit of a creative slump these days. I did a lot of running around this week and a lot of time-wasting activities.  Part of me regrets that, but part of me feels like I’m gearing up for a larger project.  I’m not sure what that is, yet.  I also know I’m going to be very busy next week, and I’m not sure what’s on my plate just yet that I can schedule around.

I have the fabric set aside for something like six of those nice Japanese-inspired coats.  But I’m reluctant to make them until I have a sense of who they’re intended for.  I have the fabric set aside for three long three-quarter length sleeveless vests, like this one. Again, I don’t know who I’m making them for, so I don’t know if I should make them at all.   I made a couple of robe-like things for the kids of friends of mine, for Halloween.  I need to make some more costume pieces, frankly, at those kinds of sizes. But I’m not going to be able to make them before Wednesday night at this point.

What about quilts?  I have a couple of quilts started, of course, one of randomized scrappy quilt squares, which I like.  The other is going to consist of rings, and might wind up with a J.R.R. Tolkien theme.  Sooner or later, I want to do one on Geomancy, sixteen panels on an earth-red background (I blame Polyphanes for this one, though I must admit he’s not the only one to blame.) Some of those Advent calendars have sold; I have the pieces to make two more… I could do that before the end of November, give them as Christmas presents…

Yeah, definitely slowing down in my ability to choose from many possible projects, what to do next.

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