Sewing: Halloween costume

A friend of mine made this mirror mask. The kid of other friends saw it, and wanted it for Halloween. But he also wanted some sort of a robe and tunic to go with it. So I made those things. The robe is a pattern of all squares and rectangles, “Dark Ages European” in style and execution. The undertunic is similar. These two pieces will probably be part of this kid’s Halloween wardrobe for the next half-dozen years — due to a sizing error, they’ll fit him through the next several growth spurts.

The costume? This kid went out trick or treating as “The Mirror of Your Soul”. Maybe things will be ok.

Update: The kid reported his experience inside the mask, tunic and robe as “magical”. Of course. There’s lots of modern magicians who say you don’t need a robe to be a magician. I’m sorry, but they’re wrong.

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