Sewing: M7585 Sewalong Part 3

I’ve done this sew along for the View B of McCall’s Pattern M7585.  This is part 3; here’s part 2, and part 1.

We’re now at the part of the work where things get dicey.  It’s one of the truisms of sewing that all of the most difficult work happens at the end. The quality of a garment’s finished beauty is all in the details: making the buttonholes, sewing on the buttons, or adding trim.  There are thirteen button holes down the front of M7585. About halfway through the making and cutting of them, I discovered how my buttonhole sewing foot actually worked.  Nightmare achievement unlocked.   I do recommend putting Anti-Fray or FrayCheck (a kind of glue that dries clear) on your cut buttonholes, but it’s clear that I need to practice with my button-hole foot more than I already have for a project of this scale.

I also need to practice siting the buttons.  Once the button holes are in place, it’s nominally easy to site the buttons on the opposite side, using the button holes as a guide.  In practice, it’s not so easy, especially if you’re trying to avoid marking up a bunch of white fabric unnecessarily.

That said, these buttons were pretty close to the places that they needed to be.  They fit through the button holes, too, which is terrific.  And they make a nice line down the front, although I’m not really dressed to wear this garment this morning.

I have to decide on some other details.  I could put a patch pocket on the inside to make it easier to carry stuff with this garment.  At some point, I have to learn how to make slash pockets, so that this garment can have pockets under those patch flaps, too.  And I have to decide if I’m going to put buttons on those pockets to help hold them down and avoid having them fly all over the place.  And there’s the question of trim — should I put some braid or trim on the garment to help spruce it up or embroider it a bit?  Decisions, decisions.

On the other hand… it’s done.  Complete.  It’s a wearable, functional garment (Maybe it’s even a little bit solarpunk — bright, functional, beautiful, challenging, locally-assembled by a self-trained professional).

I think I’d like to make this garment again.  It’s a handsome piece, and it flatters my figure.  And this one, while it was made for a specific event this summer, could also serve as a ritual piece for the druid order I belong to.  It’s not exactly a robe, really, but it’s got great lines nonetheless.

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