Sewing: table runner

My partner said something which made me consider that maybe I should look into making more things than just quilts and wall hangings and banners. Table runners like this blue and red triangle pattern, are really likely to be more my speed. They’ll fit in my machine, for one, and they’re sized to my working space.

Sewing triangles is challenging. Getting the needle in the right spot so that each and every point is precisely placed and correctly seated in the finished quilt is tricky. Even without the correct placement, though, it leads to a beautiful pattern.  I have to do more experimentation with this sort of design.

I took a different project in to a quilting studio today. They have a long-arm sewing machine attached to an X-Y motorized frame.  For a penny and a half a square inch, they’ll quilt three layers together — batting, backing, and top.  I’m pleased with the proposal for the design and related management that’s on offer, so they’ll be assembling that quilt for me; I’ll finish with the binding once they’ve returned the quilt to me.  Some of these larger projects have effectively taught me that I don’t have a machine that can successfully quilt large quilts.

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