Sewing: panel experiment

I have no idea what this thing will become.  Maybe it’s part of a bag. Maybe it’s a piece of a table runner.  Maybe it’s a  part of a banner of some kind.  Maybe it will be a placemat.  Maybe it will be a panel on a jacket or a vest.  Maybe it will go into a baby quilt.

Maybe it will be its own thing.

I don’t know yet.

And it’s delicious not knowing. Most of the things I make, I have a pretty good idea what they will become.  This, in a sense, is very freeing — this thing could be any thing.  Any Thing at all, that is made with cloth, this could turn into — a bag, a part of a piece of clothing, a table runner, a banner, a hat… any thing.

There’s something enormously alchemical about reaching this point of potential transformation — where a thing that you’ve made has the sudden possibility to become many things.  I like that moment of transition, of change, of potential.

It’s exciting.

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