Banners: Complete

Banners again, rather than Iamblichus. I’ll be returning to thinking about the gods and rituals pretty soon, I think. In the meantime there’s some sewing projects to do. Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.19.55 PM

I am not a skillful graphic artist when it comes to presenting photographs.  But I was able to make an image that showed both banners simultaneously even though I have no place to hang both banners simultaneously.  They’re both pinned unceremoniously to my ironing board.

And they’re much better than the banners I made a year ago for myself. It’s been almost exactly a year and a month since I made those.  In the meantime I’ve made quite a few clothes, costumes, quilts and bags.  I have a better sewing machine.  I have a lot more knowledge, patience, and skill when it comes to these sorts of projects.  And I have a much better set of skills for hunting for fabric and getting discounts on it.

So… do you need a set of Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn banners for your temple?  If you do, you can use my Etsy site to buy the pair of them. Want to commission me to make a different set of banners of similar size, shape and appliqué? I can do that too.


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