Toastmasters Leadership Institute 2016

This is the third year I’ve attended Toastmasters Leadership Institute in District 53.  I’ve been a Toastmaster for going on four years now; I was elected by my club to join my club’s Executive Committee as Vice President of Public Relations (running the website and handling the account and running our Facebook page) for the 2014-15 year; then in 2015-16, I was my club’s Vice-President of Education; this year I’m the club’s treasurer.

As part of the job, I get to attend two leadership training sessions a year.  The first, called the Toastmasters Leadership Institute, is held in a few central locations across the District (which includes Connecticut, eastern New York state, and parts of Massachusetts); the seven members of every club’s Executive Committee are asked to attend.  Not all of them can make it, but each club gets credit toward the overall Distinguished Club program by sending more than four officers to the two trainings a year.

This is, as I said, my third such session, and I’m perpetually pleased at the quality of the teaching and learning. The first time I came, I learned how to manage a social media program for a small organization.  The second time, I learned how to set up and manage an educational program. This time, I learned enough accounting principles to run the accounting and book-balancing for the same organization.  It feels good to know these things.

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