Long set, short written response today.  I did about 45 minutes of tai chi this morning.  This amounted to two longer qi gong routines with a great deal of care paid to the individual movements, and four tai chi sets facing each of the four directions.  I was hoping to do some additional work regarding Water this morning, paralleling Fire and Airbut I just wasn’t there this morning.

I would say that each of my tai chi forms was about nine minutes.  They’re supposed to be 12 minutes, maybe fifteen if I’m really going very slowly.  So, 12×4 is 48 minutes; if the two qi gong forms are each six minutes or so, I’ll hit my hour goal.  Another way to hit my hour goal by the end of year four is to do a fifth, or a fifth and sixth tai chi form — which probably eliminates my time in the morning for meditation or writing, one or the other.  Neither feels like a good choice at this time in my life.

Later today I’ll be teaching a group of my students at school a basic form of the work.  I’m also not finished with this week’s Dabbling, which will likely run tomorrow rather than today — largely because I forgot that grades and comments were due this week and next.  So rather than working on a comic this week, I was working on grading papers, writing comments and calculating grades for the trimester.  Should be ready in the next day or so.