Dabbling – 8


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I was planning on not posting a Dabbling strip at all today, and then the opportunity to draw this one opened up after dinner; and a theme emerged from a chance gift of an Ames Lettering Guide.  Incidentally, Jim was originally a different kind of character, so it should be understood that the character here and the gift-giver are not intended to be the same person.  All characters in this strip, in other words, are fictional.

Poor Roger, though.  He’s trying to make a comic that changes the world and helps people understand magic, and all that anyone wants to do is help him be a better comic book artist:  it’s like they don’t really know what he’s writing, or something.

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  1. Too funny! I aced high school Geometry with a perfect 100, took college level drafting classes, and learned to operate a slide rule with no problem. But just *thinking* about using a @#$%& Ames Guide gave me a migraine. So I made my entire comic without it, and I think it turned out fine.

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