Tai Chi Y4D346:

Alchemical Musings has a piece this morning titled “Wax on, wax off” about the ways in which practicing magic is like an exercise routine.  It’s a pretty good read, and a good reminder that the work we do has both internal and external effects.

Today’s tai chi was a full set: two qi gong forms, four tai chi forms.  I’m finding that this is a good balance for overwhelming the noonday demon, the sense of accidie that says “you don’t have to do the whole form.”  By the time I’ve started the second, south-facing tai chi form, it’s too late; I would be unbalanced if I didn’t do all four to the four directions, now, wouldn’t I?

Yesterday I did tai chi teaching with a group of twelve students at my school.  We did a pretty good job together, but some of them are not necessarily into it yet.  I do have some returnees, though, which is good. I’m pleased to see that some people are interested in doing more of the work.

Today, I focused on breathwork during the first tai chi form, outward force and footwork during the second one, moving through water during the third one, and grounded-ness during the fourth.  Huh. There’s sort of a ready-made process connected to the elements of working through tai chi forms, isn’t there?  More on this tomorrow.

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