Tai Chi Y4D342

The last few days have been a riot of speed and activity, and it’s been hard to do much more than come home, eat some supper, and go to bed.  Yesterday was no exception: every single motor we built in Electricity class didn’t work; and then with fiddling and technical trouble-shooting, we got one to work. One. Out of twelve.  And then, after that, I taught a introductory programming class to two people until 8pm… both of whom were way further along in the process than ‘simple’ stuff.  It wound up being a master-class on monster-algorithms in Scratch programming language for games.


Today’s tai chi was a full set.  Both qi gong exercises, four tai chi exercises, the basic druidry practice.  I didn’t detect any mistakes, other than going too fast.  It was about 40 minutes beginning to end; maybe not even that much.  Too fast.  I feel energized and empowered for the day, mostly — but I have to admit that I’ve had too many days in a row where I’ve genuinely needed to be empowered and energized.  A slight break would be welcome.

One of the things that I’ve noticed — it’s now been 3 weeks of this business of doing four tai chi forms and two qi gong forms daily — is that the knee-bends and squats are much easier to do. I’m going lower on the squats, and it’s taking less time in the morning to work out the kinks and tightness in joints in the morning.  I’m waking up with more flexibility, and going to bed with fewer aches and pains. This strikes me as a good thing; and it’s more or less why I intended to pick up tai chi in the first place — to have a form of formal exercises that would prevent me from stiffening up as I aged.  Well, I’m aging: and so far I’m finding ways to be limber.

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