Tai Chi Y4D338

Yeah.  Full set this morning: Two qi gong forms, and four tai chi forms. Had some difficulties with the second tai chi form, the one facing south.  Stopped and began again.  The carpet slipped during a half spin during the north-facing tai chi form; stopped, removed the carpet, and began again.

I’m teaching tai chi again for the third time this year on Mondays. So I’ve just done a full set in about 45 minutes; and then I’ll be doing a second set later today.  It’s going to be a good tai chi day.

Oh, and I’m wearing a shirt that a friend game me.  It’s a pale green, and it says, “Get excited and make stuff.”  This shirt has usually been a little tight on me.  Today, as I was doing the westward-facing form, I noticed that it wasn’t really tight any more.  My weight may be the same, but some of that weight is becoming (denser) muscle.

Today is the Feralia, a festival that helped mark the end of the Roman year at the end of February.  Today is for making peace with the dead; tomorrow, the Charistia, is for making peace with the living; and Wednesday, the Terminaliais for making peace with the boundaries of the community.

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