Tai Chi Y4D335

Yeah, I could not get the fourth tai chi form right, this morning.  I must have restarted four times.  I did about 40 minutes of work this morning.  I began with about 3 minutes each of standing postures, wu chi and second posture (I forget its Chinese name). Then Five Golden Coins, then Eight Pieces of Silk. I had a great time with the first tai chi form.

The second I had to re-start once.  The room is mostly cleared of her stuff, but my own stuff is moved around enough that I got a bit disoriented.  I got as far as Box Ears With Fists before I realized I was facing in the wrong direction, and that I had no idea how long I’d been going on while facing in the wrong direction.

The third form, facing west, was worse, actually.  I re-started twice. Sometime around Diagonal Single Whip I realized that I’d been facing the wrong direction, and that I had no idea if I’d done the Golden Pheasants already, or if I’d skipped over them, like drawing “take a ride on the Redding Railroad” in Monopoly. 

And then the fourth time.  I restarted four times. Each time I got a little farther, got lost (“wait, aren’t I supposed to be facing southwest at this point), and then  stopped and began again.

Terrible practice, overall.

The important thing was to try again, though.  Just because I got lost in where I was and what I was supposed to be doing, didn’t mean that I wasn’t going finish my four forms.

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