Tai Chi Y4D332

Tai Chi today was performed four times, after a little qi gong (a complete set again!) in a narrow space surrounded by boxes, bags, and moved furniture. Today is moving day.  Looking around at the piles of stuff… I have to wonder whether it will all fit in the spaces that I’ve cleared out for it in my house on the other end.  Our house.

At the end of the day, all this stuff around me is going to be in a completely different building in a completely different state.  I hope there’s room.

In the meantime there’s today’s practice:  light on form and intensity because of the narrowness of the space and the pressing needs of the day, long on hope for tomorrow.

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  1. Well, good luck with that. When my man moved into my fully functioning and fully furnished house (in our 40s), in addition to all of his personal stuff which of course he needed, he brought a fully functional and complete set of kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, laundry room stuff, shop stuff, and a bit of furniture… We used the consumables over time, but ugh, EVERYTHING he brought was duplicated by something that was already here.

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