Dabbling – 5


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 It’s frustrating to me that I can’t get Roger to look the same from week to week.  It also annoys me that characters I haven’t planned emerge sometimes from the page to tell part of the story that I hadn’t planned.  This may go on longer than 10 episodes.

If you post comments here, the series is much more likely to continue past 10 episodes.

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  1. “It also annoys me that characters I haven’t planned emerge sometimes from the page to tell part of the story that I hadn’t planned”

    I used to spend a lot of time on tumblr and this… seems to be a VERY common writer’s problem, where the characters just start to do their own thing, to hell with the author’s plans!

    Also I’ve found this through your image magic post whoch came at an excellent time; I’m hoping to do some 30×30 “challenges” (to practice hobbies without trying to do a dozen different things a week) this year and next month is drawing, which I’m really not great at either.

    I really do appreciate seeing the art of new artists, it helps me to stop comparing my art to people with tonnes of experience and to just allow my art to be extremely novice, so thank you for sharing these 🙂

  2. This is a lot of fun, Andrew! It’s neat watching you hash out your creative process with the comic, and I think anyone who’s tried creative writing can relate to new characters popping up at random to complicate the plot. ; ) Excelsior!

    • It’s fairly typical that new characters appear when you’re writing creatively. I think that’s one of the things about storytelling; more people are always more involved than you think they are. I’m glad that you (and others!) are enjoying the story and the work. It looks like it’s developed a ‘following’ of about 50-80 people who’ve gone back and read the story from start to finish; a couple of new readers show up weekly, and the whole series gets a boost.

  3. This is so much fun to read/see! I appreciate your willingness to be honest about your frustrations and joys and to share your work even when you feel it isn’t perfect. To me as a creative person who is working with her own perfectionism, your work is so inspiring. Your dedication to your tai chi practice inspired my own journey with yoga. Your creativity in so many avenues gives me the latitude to explore my many interests, even when they aren’t perfect. And the love for your students at school inspires me to take pride in my work and appreciate those around me. Thank you!

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