Tai Chi Y4D324: Full Practice

School is canceled.  I won’t be seeing my group of students this afternoon after lunch, so I made it a full practice for myself: tai chi four times, facing the four directions, and qi gong.

I think the core of today’s workout would have to be breathwork.  I made a deep effort to see to it that I did the inverse breath on each breath, and I’m kind of giddy from the effort; awakened in a way.  This means that I was sucking in my tummy on each inhale, and relaxing on the exhale, quite the opposite of the usual practice.

My feet got off the carpet on all four tai chi iterations. This is good.  I’m breaking out of the shell that was imposed for a while by adding the carpet.

There was a lovely full spin in the south-facing tai chi form.  I could feel the floor through the rug as I spun, and lifting into a windmill kick immediately afterward felt beautiful.

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