Tai Chi Y4D323

Tai chi this morning was not pretty. It was me going through the motions, and working some of the kinks and stiffness out of my body — but not much more than that. It was challenging to get started, mentally, and not a particularly high-quality set of postures along the way. But it was done. 

I’m thinking that at the end of this current year, I’m going to go to a once-a-week format — write daily entries in a single document, and publish that doc once a week. It might give me a better chance to observe trends and directions in my practice. What does everyone think?

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  1. I could read them once a week. And that’s interesting how you think that writing every day but posting a digest only once a week would be helpful to you. This is ultimately for you, right? I get a lot out of it, some days, and everyone in my Tai Chi group leans forward in anticipation when I say, “WELL, today Andrew was pondering (insert topic here) and it really fits into (insert however it fits into what we are meditating on/struggling with/learning about) in our own practice.”

  2. I like the once a week idea regarding the Tai Chi practice, but I’d like to see your entries on other things — Magick, maker theory, education, etc. — as they come.

  3. I have mixed thoughts about this Bt I’m reading this on super bowl Sunday on a cel phone and barely was able too of n my password. Autocorrect.

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