Tai Chi Y4D319: Strange

Yesterday was my debate club’s performance in the Mock Trial qualifying round.  The team divides into two squads of lawyers and witnesses, with one squad representing the defense and the other side representing the plaintiff.  The teams both did great, but we lost on the plaintiff’s side — I have no idea why, really; I thought they did amazingly well — and won on the defense.  Again, I don’t know why.  But it meant that we didn’t advance to the quarter-finals, for the first time in five years. Alas. I’m still amazed and proud of my students for going so far.

For my own part, I’m exhausted today. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until nearly 6:00 am, and I did only one tai chi form, and that poorly.  I’m giving myself a little leeway here, but I’m also conscious that my practice has been in a rut, and I’ve not been working it as well as I could be doing.  But I’m not sick, just tired. And so I keep going.

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