Tai Chi Y4D318

Yesterday’s tai chi was a walk in the woods, very slow, and some breathing meditation on the playground. A snafu prevented us from doing much more, or what I’d planned.

Today’s tai chi was four tai chi forms in about 35 minutes. That’s about eight minutes per, but in reality the first one was probably about two minutes, the second was about four, and the other two were much longer and closer to an appropriate time length.  Too fast, not very well done, but it got out the kinks and the weariness in my limbs.

Today, my Debate Club competes in the qualifying round of the state Moot Court competition.  Wish me luck.

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    • Very true! Off topic, regarding your comments about feeling tired. Try this for a week: ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium combo) about an hour before bed and a cold shower, as cold as you can stand it, every morning. The former puts back what very active people often lack, and the latter will give you a testosterone boost. Military forces and athletes bathe cold for a reason. If you decide try either, let me know your results!

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