Tai Chi Y4D307: One / Charley Horse

The first thing is that John Michael Greer has given a three-part overview of what we can generally regard as the moving parts of Western magic: An appeal for occult philosophy; an overview of Renaissance occultism; and an overview of modern occultism.  The Well of Galabes is a great review of magic generally, but these three are useful to beginners.

The second thing is, if you’re interested in magic, you should see Gordon’s walk-around of the new John Dee exhibit at the Royal College of Physicians.  It’s a reminder of how important everything is to the magus — codes, anatomy, visual thinking, science, mathematics. And how important visual thinking was to the medieval magician.  Stunning. Thank you, Gordon:

I woke up this morning and almost immediately had a charley horse in my left calf. For those who don’t know, a charley horse is an intense cramp in a muscle which locks up the limb in which the muscle is located.  It took quite a while to relax it enough to get up, first of all.  I did further relaxation of the muscle during my morning druidry practice and meditation.  Even then, it took a while to go and do tai chi. Due to the challenges this morning, I did only one form at a moderately slow pace.

It’s a busy day. Time to be at it.

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